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Thepperumanallur Viswanatha Swamy Temple

தேப்பெருமாநல்லூர் விஸ்வநாத ஸ்வாமி கோயில்

God Name Viswanatha Swamy,Rudraksheswarar
Goddess Name Vedanthanayaki
Town Thepperumanallur
District Thanjavur district
State Tamilnadu
Architecture Dravidian Architecture
Sthala Viruksham Vilwam
Parikaram Shani Dosham,Financial Crisis
Morning Time From 6:00 am
Morning Time To 12:00 pm
Morning Time Break Just few minutes
Evening Time From 4:00 pm
Evening Time To 8:00 pm
Evening Break Just few minutes
Temple Person Name Temple Office
Temple Phone 9790894408,9443527247
Temple Tank Yes
Auto Taxi Chennai
Railway Thirunageswaram
Bus Stop Thepperumanallur
Temple Details

Shri Viswanathaswamy Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is situated in Theperumanallur city of Thanjavur District in Kumbakonam region of Tamilnadu state, India. The historrical name of this temple is Devarajapuram and sthala virucham is Vannimaram. This temple was built by then King Raja Raja Chozhan and is also known as Brahma Teertham. It is located nearly 1km North of Thiru Nageswaram Naganathaswamy temple. Lord Shiva is known as Rudrakeshwar as he is adorned with Rudraksha Garland – Rudraksha Archana is often performed here. The Deity is also known as Vishwanathaswamy and his consort Thayar as Vedanta Nayaki. HISTORY : Legend says four maharishis named Lord Narada, Makarantha Maharishi, Sage Agasthya and many other holy souls came here to confirm the truth behind the total salvation and they were blessed too for the same from Lord Shiva and his consort Goddess Thayar. Lord Vedantaswamy and Goddess Thayar (his consort) are believed to give Salvation-no rebirth to their devotees those who ever visits this temple and which is the main objective of every soul in Philosophy. This temple is fully constructed according to Agama Vidhi by then ruler Raj Raja Chozhan who built this sanctum with unique mixture of Limestone and Honey in a manner that sun rays falls on the feet of Lord Shiva every day in this temple except one. Legend says when a Serpent King did penance for 12 years to invoke the blessings of Lord Shiva it attained moksham (salvation) on an Eclipse day and got its full form and prevented the sun rays to reach at the feet of Lord Shiva. Another Legend says, Lord Viswanathaswamy and Goddess Thayar reached here to liberate God Shani to bring him back to his original form for he was incharge for the creation and survival of the world as without his fear people would act arrogantly and their number would increase creating invoke for the human kind. One fine day when Lord Shiva was about to give His Vishwarupa darshan at Kumbeswarar temple in Thiru Kudanthai at that time God Shani stood in a stylish posture infront of the Thayar and told her that He was about to catch Lord Shiva for next seven hours and 15 minutes till next morning. Upon hearing this Goddess Thayar hides Lord Shiva behind a tree which Shani guessed and waited for Lord to appear infront of Him. Thinking that Shani had failed in his challenge Goddess Thayar mocked at him. Upon this Shani said his duty was over and he had successfully made Lord Shiva hide himself to escape his catch for the set of period and this was his victory upon the Lord. Listening this Lord Shiva came out of the tree attained the Mantra Bhairava form and tore away Shani into two pieces. Lord Shani apologised to Lord Shiva upon his such act and Lord Shiva pardoned Him. Since then Shani is said to have no negative powers in this temple and blesses his devotees who ever performs puja to him with great devotion and liberate from Shani dosham and Financial problems.Hence, Shani in this temple is seen in a ‘Garva Kolam’ (arrogant posture). As he was defeated by Lord Shiva here, all his negative powers are said to be destroyed and not fucntional in this place. Hence those who come here to offer their sincere prayers will be relieved from Shani Dosham and Financial problems. SIGNIFICANCE : This is the only temple of Lord Shiva which is adorned with Rudhraksha Kavacha during Pradosham (evening pooja) and Shivarathri days. Lord provides an ‘Ananda Swaroopa’ Darshan here at this temple for only those devotees who are blessed and will be able to visit this temple for salvation. Speciality of this temple is the construction of this temple by Raj Raja Chozhan who built this temple with a unique mixture of Limestone and Honey which is the prime reason for the cause of the sun rays falling at the feet of Lord Shiva every day except one. Lord Shani present in this temple is of great significane as He is present in this temple in the form of standing posture and those who offer their sincere prayers in this temple will be relieved from Shani Dosham and Financial problems. OTHER DEITIES : The other deities present in this temple along with Lord Shiva, Goddess Thayar and God Shani are: Ananda Dakshina Moorthy who is responsible for no food starvation for humans. Kabala Ganapathy who relieves from wrongs comitted. Goddess Vedanta Nayaki (Thayar) is seen in a standing posture with her right leg slightly ahead of the left, as if she is stepping towards and about to explain Vedanta Philosophy to her devotees visiting this shrine. There are also two kshetra bhairavas who are about 3 1/2 feet tall in this shrine. CELEBRATION OF FESTIVALS : All the Abhisheka’s and Pooja’s are done with great pomp during the pradosha kalam (evening pooja). Shivarathri is the big festival celebrated here with great enthusiasm and devotion. This is the only temple of Lord Shiva where He is adorned with Rudraksha Mala (Garland of Rudraksha) at the time of poojas. It is stated that centuries ago Four Lords from in and around Kumbakonam used to congregate here during Maasi Magam for Theerthavari Utsavam to be celebrated in this temple. It is believed that during the celebration of this festival, Rahu took bath in the sacred tank of this temple and attained Moksham (Salvation).

Visitor's comments about Thepperumanallur Viswanatha Swamy Temple
Srinivasan Sridharan
11 Nov 2020

A Must visit temple in one's lifetime. Not to miss darshans on Pradoshams.

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