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Ayodhyapattanam Kodandaramaswamy Temple

அயோத்தியாபட்டணம் கோதண்டராமசுவாமி கோயில்

God Name Kodandaramaswamy,Lakshmanan
Goddess Name Shri Sita Devi
Town Ayodhyapattanam
District Salem district
State Tamilnadu
Architecture Dravidian Architecture
Age of Temple 500-1000 Years
Sthala Viruksham Neem Tree
Parikaram Marriage,Child Birth
Morning Time From 6:00 am
Morning Time To 1:00 pm
Morning Time Break Just few minutes
Evening Time From 4:00 pm
Evening Time To 8:00 pm
Evening Break Just few minutes
Temple Person Name Temple Office
Temple Phone 9443244567,9443560839
Priest Name Raja Bhattar
Priest Phone 9894870206,8098121383
Auto Taxi Salem
Railway Salem
Bus Stop Ayodhyapattanam
Temple Details

Kothandarama Temple is located in Ayodhyapattanam in Salem District in Tamilnadu. Here Rama is seen in a Pattabhisheka Kolam. It is located about I Okms East of Salem on the Tiruppattur / Athur — Vriddhachalam highway. It was built during Tirumala Nayak period in 17th Century AD.


Ayothyapattinam Shri Kodandapaniswam temple represents the spiritual ancestry of our temples without any pomp and splendour as the very qualities of Sri Rama (Kalyana Gunas) but majestic in its appearance. The place derived the name as it had the foot prints of Lord Sri Rama. Every stone of the temple bears an immortal poetry. Every pillar is an outstanding example of temple architecture arresting the attention of the visitor. Each produces music when tapped. According to history, this temple was simultaneously constructed by Tirumalai Naicker along with Daramangalam Kailasanathar temple, Tiruchengodu Murugan temple and the Tirumalai Naicker Mahal. The similarity of the sculptures is an evidence of this fact. The sculptures are huge in size; the one depicting the killing of a demon by a divine horse, elephants, Yazhi an animal belonging to the lion family, a lion all in a single stone are a few to mention. Above all, the coronation of Sri Rama is arresting in its beauty. Sri Rama, Mother Sita, Lakshmana, Bharata, Satrugna idols are very beautiful. Tirumalai Naicker appears with his queen in one sculpture. The temple is also noted for its immortal paintings on the ceilings speaking volumes of our spiritual glory. Earlier, Sun rays were setting on the Anjaneyar shrine through the holes of the doors on the poornima of Chithirai (April-May). Due to emergence of buildings around the temple, this is now lost. This is not simply a temple in the sense we know, but also a house of ancient architectural and paintings art of the country.


It is the conclusion of the learned that one need not visit the Ayodhya in the north and it would suffice if they visit the Ayodhyapattinam Sri Ramar Temple near Salem. The sacred benefits they get there are in this temple itself. According to one story, Sri Rama was returning from Lanka to Ayodhya with Mother Sita, Lakshmana, Hanuman, Sugriva, Vibishana and others after killing Ravana in the war. They had to cross the Shaila hills. When they reached the place, they could not proceed further as night had fallen in. They found a small temple where they took rest. But they could not reach Ayodhya in time for the coronation nearing then. The time cannot be missed. Therefore, Sri Rama had his coronation in Ayodhyapattinam itself and what was celebrated in Ayodhya in north was the second one.


There are pillars in the temple of high architectural beauty producing melodious musical sounds when tapped. In a sculpture of a single stone, it is lion at the top and an elephant at the bottom. Earlier, the rays of sun fell on the Anjaneya shrine through the hole in doors. It is now prevented by buildings built around the temple.

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